New Orleans Injury Attorney Is An Expert In Maritime Law

I am an oilfield worker, not an offshore accident lawyer and I have seen more than my share of accidents. I saw the Safety/HSE guys act all concerned for an injured employee in his presence, only to turn around and bad mouth him behind his back.

I have seen employers, and insurance companies try to put the screws to each other trying to determine who was going to pay; their final objective has always been to get out from under further responsibility for the injured as quickly and as cheaply as possible. What’s in the “best interest” of the injured has never been an insurance companies or employers concern.

“You’re the bad guy in all of this.” “You cost us next months safety award.” “You cost people their bonuses”… and they are not happy. Still, they smile, express their concerns and how they are going to have you up and around in no time, while they wait to get you to sign off on any future claims….then you’re gone.

You don’t want to anger your employer. You feel sorry about the accident and what it’s cost everyone involved, including yourself and your family. But, in the back of your head, there’s that little voice, and it’s whispering that “they are out to put the screws to you!” That “little voice” should be screaming instead of whispering and you need to listen, as that is what’s about; to happen.

The first thing you will need to do is retain this experienced New Orleans injury attorney to look after your interests. This is a painless process that usually just requires a brief phone call and costs you nothing. During a phone consultation, this Jones Act lawyer will discuss the circumstances of your injury and advises you as to whether you have a pursuable claim. If you have a valid claim, I am sure he will ask you to sign your claim over to him.

Sounds easy enough right? Well, consider this. Many injury attorneys that you see on television, in print, and on the internet are not even practicing Jones Act Injury Law. I am not kidding you! Although these guys are in fact attorneys, they have never tried a Jones Act case! What they do is the search for an injured worker like yourself, using expensive advertising campaigns, then get you to sign a contract with them and they, in turn, sell your contract to practicing maritime injury lawyers for 15% of YOUR settlement. So if you have a $100,000 settlement coming, which is small in Jones Act cases, then this lawyer that did nothing but find you, just took 15,000 dollars out of your pocket!

You have to understand that if you retain this attorney, he will pursue your claim instead of some PR guy, then you have room to negotiate the fee and save yourself that $15,000 or more. Sometimes much more! This one crucial question you need to ask any Maritime Injury lawyer before considering signing your case over to them. In the end what you need is this New Orleans injury lawyer to represent your interests for a positive outcome.

Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in New Orleans

Criminal-Defense-Attorney-New-OrleansIf you need a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans because you have been accused of committing a crime, please consider the following recommendations. A criminal defense attorney can play a vital role in protecting your rights and defending you against malicious accusations. Criminal defense attorneys are trained to investigate all the aspects of the crime including your part. It may be as simple as proving that you have a legitimate alibi at the time of the supposed crime. It may be that there is just not enough evidence to convict you based on the facts, making it doubtful that you were involved at all. You certainly don’t want to end up in jail or on death row because you do not have the proper defense.

When you meet with your criminal defense attorney, he will explain the law to you and the usual punishments for the particular crime. If it appears that you are innocent, your lawyer will build a case to prove your innocence in court. In the event that it is determined that you have indeed committed the crime, your lawyer will help you to get a plea bargain for a fair conviction.

In our modern judicial system, having a criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary if you have been accused of a crime. Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands.

Find a good DWI Attorney in New Orleans

DWI Attorney in New Orleans LaIf you have been accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol in New Orleans, you should take immediate steps to hire a DWI attorney in New Orleans to defend you. In the event that you are facing trial or legal action, you definitely want a lawyer to handle your case because the laws are very complicated and require an understanding of all the implications. Your lawyer should be a professional with years of experience and training to assist you in getting a favorable outcome. You do not want to hesitate in hiring a defense attorney because it is too foolish to try to defend yourself.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime in Louisiana. In the event that you are guilty, you definitely want someone that you can trust and is willing to work hard for you to get the minimum punishment for your poor judgement. Find a lawyer that has a good success rate with similar cases before you sign a contract for him to represent you. Do not try to go it alone to save the legal fee of hiring an attorney. Your legal fee is money well spent.

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